Thursday, August 6, 2009

Time is moving

It's already been almost 3 weeks since Aiden's Welcome Parties. In this short timeframe we have celebrated our 6th year wedding anniversary (July 17th), my birthday (July 24th) and Khary's birthday (Aug 1st). Our household this time of the year is like Christmas, a lot of fun, good food, family and friends. I have also started back to work, so Aiden has been home with Khary. This arrangement is working out very well. Aiden began physical therapy (PT) as of last Tuesday. His first assignments were to lift his head up on his own and move it side to side, center his head with the rest of his body, and follow a toy or object with his eyes. He did the first two things very well and he follows the toy only if he is not distracted. His appointment today with the PT went well also and he reportedly weighs 10lbs 6.5oz. Wow he is growing.


  1. My lil cuz is growing up soo big and he is sooo cute. Cuzo can't wait to meet you and see you. I love you all :)


  2. Hi guys....I am soo glad Aiden is doing well. Sorry we were not able to make it to the babyshower, Naasir had a cold and I didn't even want to risk bringing myself there with his germs on me. Hope to see you guys next week in WV!