Monday, May 18, 2009

Growing and Growing....

Aiden is now 3lbs 3oz. He was receiving 10 CC of milk this past Friday and the doctors increased his order 3 times since then. He is now up to 19 CC and at midnight they will increase it to 22 CC. The doctor stated she normally does not increase the amount of feedings twice in 24 hours; however, since he is already doing amazing things they will see how he does. We are very excited about his progress and he continues to impress his care team. He is totally living up to his name, Ato, which means "Brilliant"!


  1. Oh! That is so wonderful, he is getting so BIG!!!
    I love hearing these progress reports...

    love auntie

  2. Lil Aiden - by the time I figure out how to post a comment you will probably weigh as much as I do. Love you GGM Retta

  3. This is a great idea. Thank you for all the updates. His progress is amazing. Congrats on such a wonderful child!

  4. Aiden looks fabulous. I'm so happy to see how well he is doing. Great website, too.
    Susan Diaz, RN