Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kangaroo Care

Despite not eating for a day and a half our little man has been gaining a little weight. He now weighs 3lbs. He continues to impress his nurses and us with his stability and strength. We just started Kangaroo Care with him Wednesday and he responded so well. Kangaroo Care is a way of holding an infant so that they are in chest to chest contact with the person holding them. When the nurse placed Aiden on my chest and wrapped us with a blanket, he immediately began to study my face and clawing around my chest. Before we knew it he started to open his mouth and moving his head as if he thought it was time to eat. Absolutely amazing to us. The nurses have already stated it would be for a few more weeks before they would attempt to have him breastfeed, but he acted as if he was ready.


  1. Oh, that is so exciting. I never heard of Kangaroo care, it sounds like a great way to continue bonding with your baby.

    love auntie

  2. What a great name, Kangaroo Care (KC). I love it. I'm sure Aiden is enjoying the closeness as much as the two of you are. I'm so glad KC is available for you. Wonderful!